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11 things Android phone makers should copy from the Pixel

If you want to know what is good about the Pixel and if you’d like to know why you should get a Pixel over other Android phones, check out the 11 things overview below.


The Pixel performs just fine in benchmarks. It doesn’t score higher than every other Android phone, but it’s in the ballpark of where we expect high-end phones to be.
And yet, when you actually use it, it certainly feels so much faster than every other Android phone you’ve ever used.
We can’t explain exactly why, except to say that Google has probably spent a lot of time optimizing all parts of the Pixel’s software stack. From touch latency to device drivers, cache sizes to polling rates, Google tweaked it all.
Android manufacturers, go and do likewise. Don’t be satisfied with whatever libraries and drivers your SoC vendor (like Qualcomm), camera vendor (like Sony), or storage vendor gives you. Work with the OS, the firmware, the drivers, everything. Compile, test, measure, and re-compile.
Ultimately, we don’t care that the phone we buy has the longest bar on a benchmark chart. We care that when we ask it to do something, it does it right away. That we can instantly switch…
Read the entire article from CIO.com here: 11 things Android phone makers should copy from the Pixel


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