What apps to use for home design and furnishing [Infographic]

As many of you might know, I recently moved. So, I had to deal with a moving company, arranging furnitures and buying a lot of new furnitures.


We had to measure our rooms and think about how the furnitures would fit. We planned to use some apps for that but didn’t really know which ones to use. We looked at the IKEA apps, but there are many others.


The guys from EZ Living put a nice infographic together that shows apps for different stages of the moving and furnishing process. They show apps for gathering ideas and finding some inspiration. Furthermore, they suggest apps to find the right colors so that your furnitures match and your house looks harmonic. Another cool thing are the apps that they recommend to get things done, like a level app or a photo-based home measuring app. At the end, you will also find some advice from home improvement experts.


So, are you thinking about moving soon or want to rearrange the house? Then have a look at the infographic below.


Have you ever used apps for your furnishing process? Which ones would you recommend?


Have a great day!


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