15 of the coolest wired and wireless earbuds we saw at CES

In case you like the concept of wireless headphones but don’t want to go with the Apple AirPods because they somehow look strange and you are scared to lose them, here are some alternatives. I  kind of like the House of Marley Smile Jamaica BT ones. I just need to figure out if they have a good sound. But I like the concept that you have something around your neck that prevents the headphones from falling off. Which ones are your favorites?


Phazon’s new truly wireless earbuds are ridiculously rugged. These earbuds are IP68-certified, which means they’re dust-proof and waterproof, immersible in up to 10 feet of water, and of course sweatproof and shockproof. The Phazons are designed with athletes—including swimmers—in mind, and their unique shape is part of what the company calls “neverfall” technology (as in, they’ll “never fall out”). I didn’t have a chance to take them on a workout, but the prototype did fit snugly in my ear canal.

The earbuds offer six hours of battery life, which is very good for a truly wireless bud, and come with a recharging case that will give you an additional three charges, or 24 hours total. These earbuds, which will come in a variety of colors including red, purple, blue, and orange, will start shipping in February for $199.

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