3 tips for CIOs supporting mobile development groups

Mobile apps are springing up everywhere, and your role as a CIO likely requires you to be responsible for them — lucky you! In the interest of creating great apps that are secure, cost-effective and functional for the knowledge worker, the following are three tips for supporting multiple mobile development groups:
1. Try to avoid reinventing the wheel
If multiple mobile development groups are working with overlapping items in your infrastructure, you should have some type of shared workspace or at least a common check-in system so that APIs, connection protocols and other base-level code doesn’t have to be created from scratch by each independent group.
For example, if you are interfacing with a core system through a set of REST APIs, share the API documentation with everyone and have each group be responsible for a certain set of implementations that will then be shared by both groups. This cuts down on both wasted mobile app development and expenses. It also reduces…
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