5 active mobile threats spoofing enterprise apps

Enterprise employees use mobile apps every day to get their jobs done, but when malicious actors start impersonating those apps, it spells trouble for IT departments everywhere.

Lookout recently researched five families of malware doing just that; spoofing real enterprise apps to lure people to download their malware. Our dataset of mobile code shows that these five, active mobile malware families often impersonate enterprise apps by ripping off the legitimate app’s name and package name. These apps include Cisco’s Business Class Email app, ADP, Dropbox, FedEx Mobile, Zendesk, VMWare’s Horizon Client, Blackboard’s Mobile Learn app, and others.

Each family uses this tactic as a means to different ends. You can check out a list of the families and their various malicious aims below.

Profiting from trickery

In order to stay afloat, malware authors use a number of tricks to get new victims. One of these is pretending, in some capacity, to be a popular…

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