5 alternative email apps for iPhone users

These 5 email apps sound like good alternatives to the native iOS email app in case you would like to have more “to-do” features like “complete today” or “re-open email” a couple of hours later or another day. The Outlook email app is well integrated with iOS 9 features like split screen, however, I found myself losing emails in it because of the built-in priority feature. 

What is your favorite email app?


If the built-in Mail app on your iPhone just doesn’t crack it when managing your full-to-capacity inbox then there are plenty of alternative email apps that will allow you to get on top of things.

While there are plenty of alternatives out there, we are going to look at just five of the most popular ones, including Spark, Airmail, Inbox by Gmail, CloudMagic and Microsoft Outlook.


Spark is a smart, customizable inbox that allows you to sort through your large amounts of email quickly and easily. The inbox will automatically detect whether an email is a newsletter or personal and groups them by type, placing personal emails at the top of your inbox so you can deal with your priority emails first. Swiping an email will allow you to delete or archive it.

In the Spark app you can also pin emails for ones you need to complete today, simply swipe to archive it when you are done or swipe to snooze it if you can’t get to it today.

With a tap, you can send a quick reply…

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