5 new Android N features that are already available in iOS

Google surprised the world on Wednesday by releasing an Android N developer preview much earlier than anticipated. Rather than making it available at Google I/O in mid-May, Google seems eager to get developers’ feedback before the software is released to consumers later this year. The final Android N should be available to users at some point in summer, according to Google’s timeline.

Now that Android N is in the hands of developers and anyone else looking to flash the early Android N build on their Nexus devices, some testers have looked at the various new features that Android N will offer. In the process, they discovered a bunch of functionality that is already available in iOS 9.

That doesn’t mean Google “stole” them from Apple, or from others who toyed with these concepts before. Just that Google is finally implementing them in Android, which means they’ll be native Android…

Read the entire article from BGR here: 5 new Android N features that are already available in iOS


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