5 reasons the Surface Pro 4 is fit for the enterprise

Many manufacturers have been vying for the title, ” best enterprise hybrid tablet” since the release of the Apple iPad Pro and Samsung TabPro S. However, none have managed to live up to the Surface Pro 4, which was quickly hailed as one of the fastest adopted enterprise tablets soon after its release, and it recently surpassed the Apple iPad Pro for sales in the U.K.

It’s popularity is no accident Microsoft has spent years tirelessly improving its hybrid offerings, and that work has resulted in an ideal hybrid enterprise device. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 has a lot going for it in the corporate world, and it and become a great option for any IT department looking to transition to a hybrid tablet device. If you’re thinking of getting a Surface Pro 4 for business, here are the top five features of the Surface Pro 4.

Overall portability

If you constantly find yourself on the road for business, whether you’re travelling by car, plane…

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