5 things we love about Android N

It’s not out yet, but you’ll love what Google’s added to the preview version of its next version of its mobile operating system:

1. Multi Window (Split Screen)

Reminds me of split screen on iOS. You can now have split screens on Android smartphones.

2. Direct Reply

Like on iOS, you can quickly reply to a message that appears in your notifications.

3. Quick Settings

With only one touch of a button, you can get access to the settings.

4. More Detailed Settings Panel

You can sort your settings, have the device show the most important once and long tap gives you more options. For example, when you click on Wifi, it opens the Wifi network overview.

5. All Apps / Recent Apps overview

This feature also reminds me of the iOS double tap on the home button that shows you all open apps. The advantage on Android N is that you can see more apps on one screen, it also shows you the latest apps first and if you want to close them all, you can do it by selecting “Clear All”.

Watch the video from CIO.com here: 5 things we love about Android N


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