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5G is coming: everything you need to know

Even though I’m still fighting to get 4G cell coverage at home, the industry is already looking to the Next Big Thing: 5G. The FCC will be meeting next month to vote on new regulations for 5G, laying the groundwork for the next evolution in wireless communications.

5G is meant to be about more than just faster Netflix videos when you’re on the train. It’s going to be the mobile network to link the long-promised Internet of Things, making autonomous cars talk to each other, and your fridge tweet your feelings non-stop.

The proposed regulations are called “Frontier Spectrum,” and they address the rules for wireless broadband above 24GHz, far higher than what’s in use today. The end goal is ambitious: to create a network that’s fast and responsive, enough to make VR remote control of machinery from the other side of the world a possibility, or for autonomous cars to communicate vital…

Read the entire article from BGR here: 5G is coming: everything you need to know


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