6 secret iPhone camera tricks you’ll wish you had always known

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Even for its time, the 2 megapixel camera that came with the original iPhone was unremarkable; the captured detail was wanting and the camera performed horribly in low light settings. But over time, Apple picked up the pace  and wisely decided to devote a tremendous amount of engineering resources towards improving photo quality on the iPhone. Today, Apple has more than 800 engineers who work exclusively on iPhone camera related technologies.

Flash forward to 2016 and the iPhone camera today is, not surprisingly, a far cry from the laughing-stock it was back in 2007. Quite the opposite, each new iPhone model seemingly sets an entirely new bar for mobile photography excellence. In turn, it’s become easier than ever for even novice photographers to take absolutely stunning photos. Indeed, Apple has even centered an entire iPhone advertising campaign around amateur iPhone photography.

All the same, there remain a number of iPhone camera tricks and tips that, for whatever…

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