90 per cent of Android devices vulnerable to new ‘Godless’ malware


My friends, you need to update your Android devices, otherwise you will be vulnerable to malware. You don’t want that. Perhaps, it is a good idea of Google to make their own-branded phones so that the latest updates are always quickly available and compatible with the phones.

When we take a look at the Android distribution updates that Google posts every month one thing seems to never change, and that is the overwhelming number of devices that run an outdated version of the operating system.

As of early-June 2016, nearly 90 per cent of the handsets with Google Play access are rocking Lollipop, Jelly Bean or another old distribution. Meanwhile, Marshmallow powers only 10.1 per cent of Android devices.

And, as Trend Micro security researchers point out, that can be a serious problem in terms of security as there is a new family of malware, known as Godless, that affects “virtually any Android device running on Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or earlier”. Using Google’s figures, that’s 89.9 per cent of the Android handsets in use. What’s really worrying is that this malware is…

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