A Dozen Must-Have Medical Apps [Infographic]

There are lots of medical apps in the market for patients as well as doctors. Anyone who works in healthcare knows that there is a lot of medical information and knowledge out there and that you need to know a lot being a doctor. No one is capable of knowing everything, the details of every condition and the side effects of every medicine. This is why, I would like to share the below infographic with you. It is from Study Medicine Europe and takes you through just some of the apps out there to give medical practitioners a helping hand. For example, Doximity can be great at assisting doctors in prescribing drugs. It has detailed information about thousands of drugs which should help to prevent mistakes.
There are also some great apps for patients. While it is of course always advised to visit a doctor for a health check, this isn’t always possible. For example, MyChart allows you to stay in touch with your physician on the app, which is really fantastic. Another great app called Mango Health lets you set up reminders to drink enough water. Please have a look and perhaps you see an app that is just for you! I hope I could help!
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