Hi, thank you for visiting LittleMsMobile.com. I am Kristin Montag and have a passion for technology, especially mobility and the connected world. My friends, colleagues and business contacts call me miss tech, mobile girl, “the geek in the pink”, little miss busy and as I love “mobile” and being mobile, I decided to name this site LittleMsMobile.com.
My mission is to create a resource that serves all relevant (enterprise) mobility information to decision makers, in private as well as corporate life. See it as a Mobility or Mobile News Magazine that you open every day to see what is new and relevant in the mobility world and mobility related areas.
I personally am dreaming of virtual companies with employees that work from any location wherever in the world. All times zones can be covered and the best talent can be found independent from the location. With English being the international business language, people are able to communicate. With modern video chat capabilities and virtual reality devices, people can run meetings almost as if they were virtually in the same room. We are amidst the digital transformation era and becoming a mobile business is the first step. Connecting people, their devices, wearables, machines – “things” – is the next. We are living in a very exciting time with lots of changes and innovation ahead of us!
My goal is to help enterprises finding the right mobility strategy for their business so that they can make the first step in this transformation process. Thus, I am sharing my knowledge about Enterprise Mobility solutions, App Management, Productivity and Collaboration solutions, and about how nowadays consumers act in the mobility era on LittleMsMobile.com. The consumers are the ones that we have to have an eye on as they are bringing the new IT trends into the enterprise. By understanding the consumers – our own employees and our customers – we will be able to provide future-oriented solutions.
With my background as Sales Director and Product Manager for an Enterprise Mobility solution for about 7 years, I know the customer requirements, have studied the solutions on the market and conducted a lot of research. On LittleMsMobile.com, I am sharing my gained knowledge and experience with customers and give them advise on how they can build their mobile strategy.
On the site, you will find a collection of daily mobility news of renowned IT online magazines and IT vendors to keep you up-to-date and also my own articles about my views on certain mobility subjects and reviews of gadgets, mobility solutions and technologies.
Every month, I am recommending an app that I find useful. Please feel free to share your favorite app with me and I will review it for the App of the Month area.
As next steps, I will add:

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • White Papers
  • Online Trainings
  • Partner Program

Please contact me to talk about your mobility challenge, your successfully implemented mobility strategy, or your mobility solution! I would love to share your story, or give you advice on how to overcome your mobility challenges.
Please also let me know if there is anything you are missing on the site, or just leave your feedback!
You can reach me at contact(at)littlemsmobile.com or you can simply use the contact form.
I am looking forward to hearing from you and hope I can help you find all the information you need to become truly mobile!
And now, enjoy reading!


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