Adobe has figured out a clever way to track people as they switch between devices (ADBE)

Interesting approach to better know and target customers but without sharing private customer data. It allows to generate better user and performance data as marketers know exactly which devices belong to which user. Double-counts can be prevented. As long as it stays anonymous, I think it’s a good idea for marketers and still protects the users.


Men wearing cardboard hats, depicting Apple’s new iPhone 5, pose for photos as they wait for the release of the phone near Apple Store Ginza in Tokyo September 20, 2012.Adobe announced Tuesday it is launching a “cross-device co-op” that will offer marketers a better view of who their customers are as they switch from their laptops to their mobiles and over to their tablets.

One of the major advantages Google and Facebook have over other companies in the digital advertising and marketing space is their ability for cross-device tracking, thanks to those companies’ huge audience of logged-in users.

Many other companies — particularly ones like Adobe that don’t have popular consumer products — have to rely on dropping cookies, IP addresses, and using probabilistic (rather than deterministic) methods to make sure they are targeting ads to the right people. For example, someone that researched a flight on their tablet but booked it on their…

Read the entire article from BusinessInsider here: Adobe has figured out a clever way to track people as they switch between devices (ADBE)


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