Almost half of point-of-sale transactions to be mobile by 2021

I love this trend. I see tablets more and more often as ordering device, even in the Berlin beer gardens that are not quite a traditional restaurant. But, I guess, especially because of that they use tablets to take orders because it is the fastest system to implement. You just need the right app that works with your requirements. I listed a couple of ordering apps earlier. You can find the article here.


Smartphone and tablet-based mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminals will handle 12 per cent of all retail transactions this year. By the time we reach 2021, this percentage will have jumped to 40 per cent.

Those are the predictions of Juniper Research, suggesting mPOS will account for one in three POS terminals by that time. It shows the importance of mobile-based payment systems, and suggests that larger retailers will adopt mPOS as part of an array of point-of-sale options.

The solution will help reduce in-store queues, reduce lines and develop more ‘targeted and situational’ campaigns.

“We are seeing several vendors tailor their software to the needs of specific industries, integrating mPOS capabilities as part of broader cloud-based business software,” said research author James Moar.


Read the entire article from ITProPortal here: Almost half of point-of-sale transactions to be mobile by 2021


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