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Amazon announces new Kindle Oasis, prices it at a whopping $290

I was excited to see pictures of the new Kindle as soon as I heard Amazon was about to make a new one. I always said, it would be good if it had a backlight, as I cannot read on mine in the dark without an external light. The paperwhite Kindle made this better but still not perfect. So, I’m happy to hear that the Kindle Oasis has a backlight and that it’s lighter. Also, longer battery life is great! However, at a price point of 290$, I think I will stick with my Kindle touch that offers me the same service, simply reading a book on an eye-friendly e-ink screen. What is your opinion of the new Kindle Oasis?


Amazon.com, Inc officially launched their latest Kindle Wednesday, the Kindle Oasis.

As per details leaked prior to its release,  the Kindle Oasis weights 4.6 ounces and it just 3.4mm at its thinest point, making it 30 percent thinner than any existing Kindle and 20 percent lighter.

The device has a polmer frame plated with metal that is describe by Amazon as making it incredibly light while delivering the strength and rigidity of meta.

As expected the new Kindle Oasis is shipping with what Amazon calls a “dual-battery system” with a battery in the Kindle, and a second one built into the magnetic cover.

Combined with the cover (which is available in black, merlot or walnut) the Oasis is claimed to be good for months of use, although Amazon is not specific on how many months a user could get out of it.

For reading, the Oasis is shipping with a high-resolution 300 ppi Paperwhite display with a built in front light that features 60 percent more LEDs than the next brightest…

Read the entire article from SiliconAngle here: Amazon announces new Kindle Oasis, prices it at a whopping $290


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