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Amazon Echo’s next frontier is banking — yes, banking (AMZN)

This is quite cool! Amazon Echo is really amazing and has so much potential. It could be the next big thing! They need to integrate with more banks, though. But I’m sure this will come!

Amazon Echo has already taken over my home — it was only a matter of time before it took control of my finances, too.

On Friday, Amazon announced a new “skill” you can download to your Echo device. If you bank with Capital One, you can access information about your checking and savings accounts, check your balance, and more.

Capital One is the first company to provide people’s banking information through Amazon Echo. According to Capital One, here’s a sample of some questions you can ask:

“Alexa, ask Capital One for recent transactions on my checking account.”

“Alexa, ask Capital One when is my credit card payment due?”

“Alexa, ask Capital One to pay my credit card bill.”

“Alexa, ask Capital One for the most recent transaction on our checking account.”

“Alexa, ask Capital One for my Quicksilver Card balance.”

According to Amazon and Capital One, asking your Echo to pay your credit card bill will use your pre-linked funds to pay that bill. It’s a clever…

Read the entire article from BusinessInsider here: Amazon Echo’s next frontier is banking — yes, banking (AMZN)


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