Analyst Suggests Third-Generation Apple Watch Will Include Cellular Connectivity

Cellular connectivity on the Apple Watch would be great as it would make it independent from the iPhone. New use cases would come up like use it completely (GPS and Music) for running, or going out without a phone and still being able to order a cab, text or call a friend and check out the right direction on Apple Maps (I wish it would also work on Google Maps… but so far you can only go to Work and Home). So, I hope the rumors are true and Apple will also be able to sort out the battery issue that would come up if the Apple Watch was an autonomous device.



Based on supply chain analysis following a trip to Asia, Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Christopher Rolland (via Barron’s) believes Apple’s third-generation Apple Watch may introduce cellular connectivity, a feature that’s been long rumored for the device.


Specifically, Rolland suggests the 2017 Apple Watch will include a SIM card for LTE connectivity and that the next-generation device will be promoted alongside the AirPods.
We understand a model of the next Apple watch will include a SIM card, and therefore is likely to support LTE. We understand some issues remain, including battery life and form factor size, but significant progress has been made. Apple may be employing VOIP and data across a CAT-M1 connection for superior battery life.


Apple will tout interoperability with the company’s AirPods (now on back order till May) to make and receive phone calls (perhaps a small win for Maxim with amps in each ear bud). Positive QCOM, MXIM.
Apple has likely been working to add a…


Read the entire article from MacRumors here: Analyst Suggests Third-Generation Apple Watch Will Include Cellular Connectivity


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