Android Nougat security features for business users & consumers

Android N seems like a step up from Marshmallow that introduced the possible separation of private and work related apps within the Android for Work program. Now, this separation has been refined by having two contact repositories that you can choose from. So, to me this means that the Whatsapp problematic has been solved. When Whatsapp asks for access to the contacts then the user can simply select the private contacts. The business contacts won’t be affected by Whatsapp. Good move, Google! Being able to set different security challenges (certain password criteria) for work related apps is also a good thing! Are you using Android in a corporate context and have you tried Android for Work? What is your experience?


The Android N Developer Preview version 5 was released last month, which is the final preview before the official release of Android Nougat. An official date for the release has not yet been announced, but it is rumored that it will happen before the end of August .
LG Electronics Inc. has stated that its LG V20 due to be launched next month will be the first phone to have Android 7.0 Nougat “out of the box” . This is to be followed by a Google Nexus launch, rumored for October 4 when two new devices codenamed ‘Marlin’ and ‘Sailfish’ will be launched. The current Nexus models like the 6P and 5X will likely get the Android Nougat prior to LG’s September launch, so an August release date for the final operating system is looking likely.
With potentially just a few days away from the final release of Android Nougat, we look at the various security features that the operating system has for both businesses and consumers. These include the likes of ‘always-on…
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