Android will now tell you which apps you should uninstall

So, Google admits that Android has a storage problem. Anytime, I owned an Android device, it rather ran out of storage quickly or didn’t have enough RAM available anymore. I has not happened to me on iPhone yet. And if so, then I simply sync my photos (and videos) to my Mac and can delete them or only some of them on my phone. Then, I have enough storage available again. I have not figured out yet how to solve this on Android. And apparently, there is no official way as Google is now offering this tool to delete certain apps when the storage is full. What are your experiences with Android storage?


Since phones with 16GB of storage are tragically still a thing (and because Guitar Hero takes up 2GB on its own), apps can be a real storage headache. Google has released a tiny new utility that could help out users who have run out of space.

First spotted by Android Police, ‘uninstall manager’ isn’t a standalone program, but rather a change to the Google Play Store app. To works pretty simply: if you’re trying to install a new app, but don’t have space on your device to do so, the Play Store will give you a list of potential apps you could uninstall to make space. They’re listed in a pop-up within the app, and ranked by popularity, with the size of each app and the amount of space you need to free up in order to install the new thing.

It tries to suggest apps you don’t often use, which makes sense — I’ve got pages and pages of apps on my phone which I’ve used maybe once, and are…

Read the entire article from BGR here: Android will now tell you which apps you should uninstall


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