API development is the foundation of enterprise mobile

This article describes why APIs are so important and why you should build an API before you build a mobile app. Definitely worth a read!


Much of today’s digital development is taking place on the mobile front. This is especially true of enterprise organizations, which can use these mobile products to improve a range of operations and services. From customer-facing apps and experiences to employee products and data-driven operations solutions, companies are using mobile to become more efficient, more productive and more profitable.
When enterprises sit down to outline their mobile strategies, it’s important that they prioritize API development early in the process. Large organizations are moving beyond standalone mobile apps or products and instead investing in suites of mobile solutions — sprawling ecosystems in which distinct mobile assets are seamlessly integrated to offer unprecedented productivity and experience.
It only makes sense for this mobile innovation to be built upon application programming interfaces, which support better mobile development equipped to support…
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