Apple Intros Public Version of iOS 10.1 Beta Release

The public beta version follows the developer beta version, which Apple also just released. The full iOS 10 release debuted Sept. 13.
Apple has released the public beta version 10.1 of its iOS 10 mobile operating system, just nine days after the company made the full version of the latest iOS 10 system available to users on Sept. 13.
The public beta of iOS 10.1 allows registered users to download and test out the code, though Apple recommends that beta versions only be loaded onto spare devices and not onto primary use machines. The beta program allows users to test-drive new releases as they are built and to provide feedback and other insights.
The iOS 10.1 public beta was posted by Apple on Sept. 22, according to a report by Macrumors.
One new feature of the iOS 1.1 beta is a “portrait mode” for the camera in the iPhone 7 that changes the depth of field in images to better simulate images taken with high-end, dedicated digital SLR…
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