Apple invention uses RFID tags, Apple Watch to track food nutrition

This could be pretty cool. It’s basically a weightwatchers on your Apple Watch!


As Apple wades further into health industry waters with products like Apple Watch, the company on Tuesday was granted a patent for technology that would allow food vendors to embed nutritional information in device-readable RFID tags. The solution presents a unique and partially automated solution to calorie counting, one of the more laborious aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 9,640,088 for “Electronic tag transmissions of custom-order nutritional information” describes a method of encoding RFID tags with details regarding one or more food items. The tags then transmit nutritional variables, such as caloric value, fat content, sugar content and more, to a waiting NFC-capable device like iPhone or Apple Watch.
Importantly, the invention allows retailers, or electronic vending machines, to assign nutritional information on a per-item basis, meaning users can mix and match foods as part of…
Read the entire article from AppleInsider here: Apple invention uses RFID tags, Apple Watch to track food nutrition


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