Apple is losing its lead in smartphones

Business Insider/Steve Kovach
When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in January 2007, he
made a bold claim that the new product was five years ahead of
its time.
He was wrong.
It’s been over nine years and no
one has made a better phone than the iPhone. But after all these
years, the iPhone’s lead has never been smaller. In fact, it’s
razor thin.
This week
I reviewed the Galaxy Note 7
, the new phone from Samsung that
beats the iPhone in a lot of key ways. It has a better design
than the iPhone. It has better features people will care about
like water resistance and wireless charging. It comes with more
storage than you could possibly use.
In short, the Note 7 is one
of the best phones ever made.
Things don’t look so rosy for the
iPhone. It’s had the same design for the last two years, and all
reports indicate the so-called iPhone 7 will look very similar
when it launches…
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