Apple – Let Us Loop You In Event, iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro and more

Are you as excited as me to watch tonight’s “Let us loop you in” event by Apple?

If we can trust the rumors (and I guess there have been enough leaks) then Apple will announce a new iPhone with the specs of the iPhone 6s but in the size of the iPhone 5. It is supposed to be named iPhone SE.
I cannot wait to see it because I remember when I was at the Apple Store to investigate the iPhone 6 and 6s, I simply found it to be too big and too heavy (especially the 6s, as it needed an extra layer because of the 3D Touch technology). I am a tech geek and I love to have the latest tech, but it didn’t intrigue me. Also, there weren’t many apps available offering 3D Touch by then. This has changed in the meantime. However, most of my friends with an iPhone 6s don’t even use 3D Touch. Mostly, you want to reach more details in an app (like selecting the right email account before you start composing a new email) so that they simply open the app. I could also observe in the App Store that many people had difficulties to actually find the right pressure to use 3D Touch. I guess it’s not so intuitive. I also think that Apple needs to find a better way to get into the app deletion mode (when all the apps shake). Without 3D Touch, you just do a long press on an app or a folder and it starts shaking and you can move the apps around or delete them. With 3D Touch, this doesn’t work anymore and it was actually quite a challenge to find out how to delete apps. You actually need to do a long press on any folder that you have and this then makes the folder shake and the other apps, too.

Anyway, what I want to say is that if 3D Touch is the only feature that is not available on the iPhone SE but otherwise it has the specifications of the iPhone 6s, then I’m all for it! The iPhone 7 will be too big again for me and so far they only announced a better camera (two lenses instead of one) and perhaps, it will be waterproof, but not sure. This doesn’t trigger the desire to wanting the iPhone 7 in me. So, I will be totally happy with the iPhone SE! I would also love if it had round edges. We will see!

As for the new 9.7-inch iPad (probably an iPad Pro instead of an iPad Air), I am also curious to see it. I really like the Apple Pencil and how it writes on the iPad Pro. I also liked to draw with it, but I simply do not want to carry an iPad Pro around. So, if the specs of the iPad Pro together with the Apple Pencil came in a smaller format (the size of the iPad Air 2) then I can definitely imagine a use case for me. I am using my iPad Air 2 with a keyboard but sometimes, I wish I could just take notes by hand, for example when you cannot put it down on a table but have to hold the iPad in your hands. Therefore, to me the event tonight (7pm Berlin time) will be very exciting. I also want to find out what news there are about the Apple Watch.

Are you going to watch it, too? What do you think about a smaller iPhone and the iPad “Air 3” becoming a smaller iPad Pro? I will be online and tweet about the most breaking news. I am looking forward for you to join me on @littlemsmobile on Twitter, so that we can talk about it together!

See you tonight!


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