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Apple Pay may be coming to transit systems soon

I cannot wait for the day we can pay for everything with our phones. This will be so convenient. We just need to make sure we always have enough battery power available. I see, we are moving in the right direction. Apple Pay for transit systems! And Apple Pay for Germany, please!



Checking in at number 54 on Vanity Fair’s 2016 New Establishment List, Apple executive Eddy Cue was recently asked what current-day items will likely be obsolete in five years time. Cue’s answer was rather telling: “Keys, physical wallets, and cash.”


Apple doesn’t often telegraph its future product plans, but this is as close to a confirmation as you’ll ever see regarding Apple’s plan to make the wallet obsolete. As it stands today, Apple Pay has already made it much more convenient to walk around without cash or credit cards. Looking to broaden its attack on the wallet, Apple now appears intent on going after physical transit cards as well.


Apple Pay already works in tandem with some transit systems such as the MTA in New York and the London Underground, but Apple has its eyes set on expanding Apple Pay’s transit reach considerably over the next few months.


Read the entire article from BGR here: Apple Pay may be coming to transit systems soon


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