Apple Watch 2 said to feature a thinner display

According to a new report from Digitimes, the second-gen version of the Apple Watch will incorporate a display technology that should help make the device thinner than the original and perhaps free up some internal space for a slightly larger battery. Per touch panel maker and Apple component supplier TPK Holding, the Apple Watch 2 will utilize a One Glass Solution (OGS) for the display as opposed to the Glass on Glass solution currently used on the original.
Whereas the display on the current Apple Watch is made up of two pieces of glass, TPK Holding’s One Glass Solution would instead utilize just one. As SlashGear points out, this “would not only offer a little more internal space” but would also serve to make the Apple Watch 2 slightly less heavy than the current Apple Watch.
But as tends to be the case anytime a company tries to change its manufacturing process, TKP Holding has run…
Read the entire article from BGR here: Apple Watch 2 said to feature a thinner display


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