Apple Watch 2 with 20-40% thinner casing may be introduced in June

If thinner, GPS and FaceTime are the innovations for the next Apple Watch, then I think I will stay with mine for a bit. Improved battery life is good, though, especially when you forget to bring your charger for a weekend trip. GPS is good for sports. But let’s see, maybe there will be further exciting news.


According to analyst Brian White of Drexel Hamilton, Apple may introduce a completely revamped version of the Apple Watch as early as June. While previous reports pointed to a September 2016 introduction, MacRumors reports that White recently toured a number of companies from Apple’s supply chain and heard rumblings that Apple may take some time at WWDC to showcase its next-gen wearable.

From a product positioning standpoint, this isn’t completely outside the realm of comprehension. While Apple Watch sales have reportedly been healthy, Apple’s new wearable, at least not yet, hasn’t exactly become the runaway hit that many on Wall Street initially anticipated. That being the case, Apple may understandably want the focus of its media event in September to focus exclusively on the iPhone 7.

As for what we can expect to see from the next-gen Apple Watch, White…

Read the entire article from BGR here: Apple Watch 2 with 20-40% thinner casing may be introduced in June


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