Apple Watch broken – how to live one week without it?

Many people are asking me about how I like my Apple Watch. I usually say “I like it”. They want to know what I do with it. I tell them, I use it for notifications, to check out the weather and my activity. Also, it helps me to not miss phone calls, as my phone is usually on mute. When I forgot my Apple Watch at home, I felt like something was missing and I was not 100% functional.


Then it happened… I came back from a trip to Australia (this is why I was silent for a while on and one morning I took my Apple Watch from the charger. But, I was not holding my entire Apple Watch in my hands, the back part with the sensors was still on the charger. Only a small cable combined the two. It almost hurt to see my Apple Watch like this. I took the back part and pressed it against the Apple Watch body and waited for a bit. Then, it seemed fixed. The watch also still worked. But I had to go to the Apple Store to get it fixed as I could not risk this to happen again. Also, when I cleaned the Apple Watch before, I realized that parts of the outer layer peeled off, as I couldn’t see some of the letters of the writing on the back anymore. I could see white blobs instead.


Broken Apple Watch – you can see how the sensors are shifted. The horizontal ones are not in a straight line anymore. Also, you can see the white blobs where the writing is.

So, I went to the Apple Store and explained it all. After the first technical guy reacted with big eyes, a second one joined and without hesitating he said that they had to send it in. I asked if this had happened before and got the reply that it was a known issue that could happen under certain circumstances or external influences (the heat in Australia, or the heat of the charger?). Basically, the glue melted which allowed the back part to move and fall off. They sent it in and after a week I got a replacement device – a new Apple Watch. Unfortunately, it was still version 1… I had hoped for version 2. But they replaced exactly the model that I gave them. As it was a known issue and obviously a material failure, the guarantee applied and I did not have to pay for it.


But let’s get to my actual story. How did I survive for a week without my Apple Watch and which features did I miss?


Well, first of all, I was kind of happy that I could wear my nice Fossil watch again and did not feel bad about not wearing my Apple Watch and therefore not having my activity tracked.


What did I realize?


1. The arm movement

Every time, I wanted to check the time, I turned my wrist around like I had to activate the watch. This lasted for a couple of days until I got used to being able to see the time all the time no matter what angle it was.


2. The temperature/weather

I got so used to check out the temperature on my Apple Watch, that I automatically looked at my Fossil watch when I wanted to know what the temperature was. I looked at it, looked at the time and did not really know what I wanted to see. After some time, I remembered that I couldn’t see the weather information on my Fossil watch. I started using my phone again to check the temperature (or ask Alexa at home).


3. Activity

Every day, I need to walk up to the 5th floor to my office. I enjoy it as my daily exercise. However, without the watch, I almost felt like I did it for nothing as my activity was not tracked. I know I do it for my body and my health but the watch gives me an additional motivation with its tracking capability. I unlocked lots of “Longest Move Streak” badges in Australia as I walked so much and it made me happy. So, the watch definitely influenced my fitness behavior, or made me live my fitness moments more intensely and with more motivation.


4. Phone calls and notifications

Without the Apple Watch vibrating on my wrist, I missed all my incoming phone calls. Of course, I could call back, or if I was expecting a call, I turned on the volume, but I missed a few. I also missed out on notifications. With the Apple Watch, I got used to not looking at my phone all the time, as I got notifications on my watch when there was something important going on. Without it, I still didn’t look at my phone and sometimes only saw messages pretty late. I must admit, though, that I also kind of enjoyed it a bit as whatever I did got my whole attention and I did not get distracted by a vibration on my wrist.


After a short week (Apple initially said 10 work days but contacted me after 7), I could pick up my new Apple Watch at the Apple Store. I picked it up on a Saturday. As I had to charge it and do a restore, I left it at home on Saturday night and also didn’t use it on Sunday, as I wanted to enjoy my Fossil watch one more day. On Sunday night, I did a restore and all data was back, as if I had never had another watch. This is what I like about Apple. Their restore process is really easy and you can simply get a new devices and have all your data back. I am wearing my Apple Watch again and feel connected again.


What am I taking from this? Well, I like to be connected and I’m enjoying to have my Apple Watch back. But I also learned that it is not too bad when I don’t have it with me. I can still get through the day. 😉 I also enjoyed wearing my old watch as a jewelry again and simply use it to read the time and date. I also felt more free without the constant vibrations… with the Apple Watch, you feel like there is always somebody wanting something from you. BUT, when the Apple Watch does not vibrate, you also know that you don’t have to look at your phone and can leave it in your bag.


On that note, enjoy your life and take the time to see what’s happening around you.


Have a great day!

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