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Apple’s 9.7-inch ‘iPad Pro’ to bring flagship glory back to full-size form factor

A 9.7-inch iPad Pro could be interesting. I would rather carry this one around and use it with the Apple Pencil to take hand-written notes than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. What do you think?
I’m excited to learn all about it tomorrow!


Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad is languishing. Once the flagship of the iPad fleet, the original full-size form factor has been at best in line with — sometimes behind — the smaller iPad mini and was most recently relegated to second fiddle behind the powerful, more versatile 12.9-inch iPad Pro. That could change on Monday.When Steve Jobs took the wraps of iPad in 2010, he called the 9.7-inch, iOS-powered tablet “magical and revolutionary,” a testament to Apple’s industry-leading design and engineering prowess. It was Cupertino’s first foray into slate-style computing and at $499 came at a price point nestled in that Goldilocks zone between iPhone and Mac.

Two years later the 7.9-inch iPad mini launched alongside a fourth-generation iPad to address trends in a consumer market showing signs of slowdown. The diminutive iPad introduced new features like a fresh design and support for Siri, something not included with the full-size iPad 2, which at the time was still on sale as Apple’s…

Read the entire article from AppleInsider here: Apple’s 9.7-inch ‘iPad Pro’ to bring flagship glory back to full-size form factor

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