Apple’s Amazon Echo Competitor Could Feature Camera, Facial Recognition

It seems like artificially-intelligent, voice-controlled home systems area the next big thing. Amazon’s Echo was the first, Google followed with Google Assistant and now Apple is working on a similar device. I was thinking about getting an Amazon Echo but now as Apple is working on a similar device, I might wait and see what they come up with.


Apple’s rumored product designed to compete with the Amazon Echo could come equipped with a camera and facial recognition capabilities, reports CNET. Citing sources with knowledge of Apple’s plans, CNET says the device would be “self aware,” able to detect the people in the room through facial recognition technology.

Once the device determines who is in the room, that information could be used to pull up each person’s preferences, “such as the music and lighting they like,” allowing for a customized interactive experience for each member of the home. Facial recognition is something Apple has previously expressed interest in, both through patent filings and acquisitions.

News of Apple’s work on an Amazon Echo competitor first surfaced earlier this week, when The Information reported such a device was under development. The Amazon Echo is an in-home personal assistant device that features a built-in speaker and a robust artificial intelligence system, and a product from Apple would…

Read the entire article from MacRumors here: Apple’s Amazon Echo Competitor Could Feature Camera, Facial Recognition


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