Apple’s best iPhone 6s feature is coming to Android N

You may not necessarily agree, but the iPhone 6s’s 3D Touch functionality is the best feature Apple created for this iPhone generation. There’s more and more 3D Touch support in both Apple and third-party iOS apps, and it’s likely Apple will continue to expand the feature’s reach in future iOS releases. Not too long ago we heard rumors that Google’s 2016 Nexus devices would get support for a similar feature, and there are a few Android handsets that already pack 3D Touch displays, including a shameless new iPhone 6s rip-off.

As long as Google doesn’t officially support 3D Touch, these devices will have limited functionality. But a new Android N preview release seems to indicate that native 3D Touch support is coming to Android as soon as this year, meaning that users and developers will be able to make the most of pressure-sensitive screens in the future.

Developers have…

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