Apple’s iPad Pro beating Microsoft Surface in ‘detachable’ tablet market

By Roger Fingas

Apple’s iPad Pro is already surpassing the Microsoft Surface in the so-called “detachable” tablet market, though that market is still relatively small, according to a new research report.

Over 4.9 million detachables were sold in the March quarter, a triple-digit growth versus the same period in 2015, said IDC. The firm didn’t offer a platform-specific breakdown of those numbers, or an exact definition of detachables, although that appears to refer to tablets that have a dedicated method of attaching docks, keyboards, or other accessories — in the case of the iPad Pro, the Smart Connector.

Regular “slate” tablets accounted for 87.6 percent of units sold in the March quarter. That market is said to be sliding towards the low end, which may help vendors like Amazon that simply want to grow their ecosystem, but is said to be pushing the likes of Samsung and Huawei to produce detachables…

Read the entire article from AppleInsider here: Apple’s iPad Pro beating Microsoft Surface in ‘detachable’ tablet market


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