Apple’s Mobility Partner Program comes out of hiding

You won’t find many public references by Apple to its Mobility Partner Program, an expanding effort by the company to unite with software developers/integrators to boost sales of iPhones and iPads to businesses. In fact, Apple reportedly has discouraged partners in years past from discussing MPP out in the open.
However, the veil of secrecy surrounding the program is thinning. Apple’s public relations department didn’t acknowledge my queries about MPP, such as how long the program has actually been around. But CEO Tim Cook has begun citing the program during Apple (AAPL – NASDAQ) earnings calls over the past year: He specified in October that more than 120 partners have signed on worldwide, and that’s up from about 90 at the start of the year. (MPP did not make the cut for Cook’s Q1 2017 earnings report statement on Tuesday though.)
Apple has mainly touted the really big name partners like IBM, Cisco, SAP and Deloitte that it has sealed…
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