Apps World Germany 2016 – App Development is trend, App Management is necessary

It has been my second visit at Apps World in Berlin, Germany. Apps World is a conference that covers all aspects of apps – app development, app marketing, analytics, testing, showcasing ready-to-go apps etc. and they offer sessions in the areas of Enterprise Mobility, Marketing, Gaming, Wearables, Development, Emerging Payments, Cyber Security and the Mobile Web. If you’ve got anything to do with any of these areas, then you should check out Apps World to see what’s new and to network with your fellows.

This year, I’ve been invited as a speaker. I spoke about app management and participated in a panel discussion about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). I will get back to this later. First of all, I wanted to share my impressions of Apps World with you, what my take-aways were and if I recommend to go there.

I’ve been at Apps World last year, as well. My impression is that I saw more exhibitors presenting ready-to-go apps (like mobile payment apps) last year than this year. Back then, I could also see more companies being active in the Enterprise Mobility space, such as Appian or Apperian, the first one helping to mobilize businesses processes and the second one delivering an enterprise app store to their customers. This year, however, I did not see them. Instead, I saw a lot of app developers, marketing tools, analytics and advice on how to monetize apps. I conclude that the trend is going to more and more app development and also to creating new business models building apps. Also, the interaction with end customers via mobile becomes more and more important which we see according to solutions like FortyTwo (an API for pushing messages to the known messaging tools – they presented Viber) and Urban Airship who also built notification systems to improve the communication with end-customers.

One solution I really liked was LeadHound from Junith Digital Agency GmbH. It is an app that helps to better generate and organise leads. It runs on iPad, comes with a scanning capability and recognizes all data of a business card to almost 100%. It can even read QR codes. This data is then organized thoroughly in the CRM-like structure of the app. Emails can be sent out manually or automatically to the new contacts right after the scan, and an export functionality allows to import all the contacts to another CRM system. It looked really impressive. It can be branded, too. So, it really looks like a self-made app by your company. I can tell, in my opinion, it simplifies lead generation at trade shows immensely. You are always ready with your own app. There is no interaction with scanning systems from the trade fair organizer. You can even create your own polls. I know all the hassle around lead scanners, therefore, I am already sold on this idea.

I also talked to minimob who place your message in diverse channels all over the world, also in mobile apps. If you are interested to promote your idea, they might be worth to look at.

All in all, I am left with the impression that the hall was less filled with exhibitors than last year, however, the number of visitors seemed constant. I did not meet that many enterprise customers, but rather business owners in the same industry, freelancers, marketers or students. It is a good networking event that also comes with its own networking tool and you can keep up to date with the latest and greatest in the apps universe. You could also play ping-pong, eat ice cream and popcorn.

So, my recommendation is if you want to go there to network and listen to the sessions, it’s well worth it. Also, if you want to find app developers or find out how to monetize your app and do better marketing, it’s worth a visit. As an exhibitor, it depends on your target group. If it is one of the ones mentioned above, then you could go for a try. If you expect enterprise customers, then it’s maybe not the right place to exhibit. Some booths were well visited (mostly app developers or app self-building solutions), others weren’t.

I, personally, have been there with an Enterprise Mobility mission, namely explaining what kind of app management approaches there were including their pros and cons. The app development trend is great and helps us moving forward in the digital transformation but it also comes with security threats, especially in an enterprise context and this is why app management is needed.

In our panel discussion, we talked about BYOD and chances and risks that come with it. Some statements were:

  • BYOD can be regulated from a technical perspective but also from a legal one.
  • BYOD is based on trust but thanks to certain security mechanisms that we have available, ex. app management, we can minimize risks.
  • Is BYOD reality? Most likely not, many employees have two devices.
  • Is CYOD (choose your own device) better? In a way yes, as enterprises limit the number of devices they have to manage and the number (versions) of internal apps they have to maintain.
  • A concept that could work is that the user can choose their favorite device (as a new device), but then IT would put an MDM agent on it so that company data can be removed if necessary. So, while used in this company’s context, it is managed like a corporate device, but if the user leaves the company, they can keep it as their own. This would come with a high adoption rate as the user is satisfied with the new device.
  • BYOD is not an idea of companies to save money, but rather the answer to consumerization of IT. Users already bring their devices to work and want to get access to company data. We need to find answers.
  • Possible solutions to BYOD are pure app stores that don’t require an MDM agent on the device. They give users access to company resources (via the apps in this internal enterprise app store) but IT cannot control their device. App data can be deleted in case of theft.

It was a very exciting discussion with a lot more room for further thoughts. Below, you will find a short video that summarizes my session and gives you some impressions of the show. If you would like to dive deeper into app management, please feel free to contact me.

Video: Mobile App Management Approaches and their pros and cons

Have a great day!


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2 Responses

  1. Sebastian Kundisch says:

    Thanks for your article. I listened to parts of your speak. I was disappointed of the Apps World. Less start ups, less visitors and less interesting exhibitors. Last year brands like Ally or Lovoo had been there. This year lots of traffic sellers, optimizers and sales networks characterized the fair/converence. I will not meet the Apps World 2017 if there will be one.

    • LittleMsMobile says:

      Hi Sebastian,
      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. They need to have more vendors with interesting solutions. We want to see interesting/innovative apps that help us improve our businesses, or even our private lives. There were too many solutions around apps (like analytics and marketing solutions) than the apps themselves. I sent my feedback to Apps World. They said, they will consider it for next year. We will see! If they get better (again) then maybe we will see each other there again next year!
      Have a great day!

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