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Are difficult passwords undermining your BYOD apps?

I really like this article. It describes how we must sacrifice productivity over security typing in complex passwords to be able to use a certain app. What happens is that we choose simple passwords that are not that secure anymore to get easy access. The answer is behavioral biometrics. The device recognizes you according to your movements and daily behavior. Read more below.


Mobile devices and mobile apps are built around two basic tenets: speed and simplicity. The average person cherishes their smartphone, using it almost one hundred times a day and completing most transactions in only a few seconds. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programmes attempt to convert this mobile love affair into enterprise productivity, but your enterprise security may be standing in the way.

Authentication is the most egregious offense of enterprise security. We’re required to stop and enter a password whether we’re in our home or halfway around the world. While other security functions have become completely transparent to the end-user, the current technology used to validate user identity remains completely disruptive and comically old-fashioned.

The problem with passwords

Everyone knows a…

Read the entire article from ITProPortal here: Are difficult passwords undermining your BYOD apps?


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