Augmented reality applications climbing the corporate ladder

Augmented reality applications have been enjoying a wave of success as the gaming industry continues to blur the lines between the real and the virtual. With a predicted growth rate of 82 percent by the end of 2021, according to The Drum, AR devices are poised to conquer the gaming market over the next five years.
But that’s not the only market. According to ABI research cited by The Drum, the enterprise market could very well surpass the rate at which gaming is adopting the young AR/VR technology. Over that same five-year stretch, augmented reality in the enterprise setting is projected to grow at an 88 percent compound annual growth rate.
As for what’s driving this crossover, general maturation of AR technology gets most of the credit. With new, innovative pieces of hardware being unveiled regularly — and creatively useful apps to go along with them — it was really only a matter of time before enterprises caught on.
A mobile foundation for augmented…
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