Australia leads in mobile connectivity

This is interesting as I heard from a friend living in Sydney that cellular phone contracts were very expensive but that they needed them for LTE coverage as the Wifi is supposed to be really bad. So, yes, maybe the LTE network is really good and the needed connectivity is provided, but apparently the price/performance ratio could be better. What do our Australian readers think about that?


The world leader in mobile connectivity comes from down under. Australia ranked first this year among the nations in the GSMA index that quantifies the barriers and access to internet adoption around the world. The index includes 134 countries, and it places an emphasis on four metrics: mobile infrastructure, affordability of access, consumer and content.

Australia comes out on top

According to the index, Australia’s score was 84.7 on a 100-point scale, just edging out the Netherlands, which scored an 84.4. Nordic countries dominated the list, with Denmark ranking third, followed by Sweden and Norway.

The US ranked seventh in overall mobile connectivity. Though it scored high marks in the infrastructure, consumer and content categories, it only managed a 72.5 rating for mobile affordability, which dragged down its ranking.

One interesting revelation from the study was how Australia earned top marks over other nations. Though many other countries had better local…

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