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Best Android phones: What should you buy?

Choosing a new Android phone isn’t easy. The Android universe is teeming with options, from super-expensive flagship phones, to affordable models that make a few calculated compromises, to models expressly designed for, say, great photography.
Chances are that whichever phone you buy, you’ll keep it for at least two years. So choosing the best Android phone for you isn’t a decision you should take lightly.
But we can make things easier. Everyone has different priorities and needs, so we’ve made some picks for the best Android phone in several categories. At the bottom of this article, we also list all our recent Android phone reviews—in case you have your eye on a model that doesn’t make our cut.
Best overall phone
The Galaxy S7 Edge has it all: one of the best cameras on any phone anywhere, top-notch speed, and the best display we’ve ever seen. It’s waterproof. It does wireless charging and fast charging. It has expandable storage. And it’s gorgeous.
Read the entire article from CIO.com here: Best Android phones: What should you buy?


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