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Would you like to stay in shape or get in shape and are looking for the best fitness tracker on the market? There are several main brands on the market like FitBit, Jawbone, Garmin, Samsung, Polar and Nike+. But which one is the best? Also, would you like a simple modest fitness tracker bracelet or rather a smartwatch that also comes with additional functionality?


I, personally, like my Apple Watch and it gives me a good overview of what I am doing throughout the day. The fitness circles (burned calories, minutes of exercise and standing time) are motivating to me and if  I am close to closing them, I go for an extra walk or stand up for 5 minutes – just to get the circle closed. They also show me my behaviour on a week day at the office and on the weekend. I think, fitness trackers do not really make you lose weight right at the beginning but show you how you behave and allow you to learn from it and change your mental attitude. If you get more steps or burned calories walking the stairs instead of taking the escalator, you might do it. And this is what they are there for, in my opinion. They change your mental attitude long term and this is how you finally get or stay in shape.


There are a bunch of criteria that you need to consider when you look for a fitness tracker. These are the most important ones:


  • Design
  • Waterproof Feature
  • Heart Rate Tracking Technology
  • What data you want it to track
  • The App that comes with it
  • Battery Life
  • Calorie tracker
  • Extras


Jim Roose from has examined several fitness tracker and smartwatches and has written great reviews about them. You get a description of the respective fitness tracker and its pros and cons, same with the smartwatches.


So, if you are up for a new fitness tracker, I recommend you read Jim’s review about the Best Fitness Trackers, and also the Best Fitness Smartwatches here. If you’d like an especially good looking fitness tracker for women, then you should check out this review.


I really like how Jim has done it and for the sports fans among you, I invite you to also check out other articles on his site as he really dives deep into fitness and gadgets.


As usual, I am curious, are you already using a fitness tracker? If so, which one is it and what’s your experience with it? Would you recommend it to your friends? What do you think of Jim’s ranking? I am looking forward to your feedback in the comments field.


I hope this article and the links to the reviews were helpful and make a good guide for you to find the best fitness tracker for your needs.


Have a great weekend!




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