Best Meal Planning and Nutrition Apps [Infographic]

Just yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to lose some weight. We mostly eat out at night because we have long work days, don’t feel like cooking and then you kind of need to eat what you get. However, it would be much better if we took the time to learn about healthy food and ingredients and what kind of meals you can make out of them to make nice dinners at home.
When you go to the supermarket these days we are presented with so many options. It can be hard to even tell what is healthy and what is not and we often put with unhealthy items in our shopping without even being aware. When you’re at work all day you rarely have time to peruse all the nutritional information at the back of a packet. Therefore, I would like to share an infographic with you. It is from Lakeshore Convention Centre and takes you through some of the apps that can help you to take control of what you eat.
Sometimes people have an unhealthy diet because they don’t know enough recipes. They might look in the fridge and have absolutely no idea what to cook out of what’s there. This is where an app like MealBoard can really help you out as it recommends meals based off leftover ingredients.
There are more cool apps to plan your meals, save recipes, monitor your eating behaviour, show you the right exercises and tell you how much calories you’ll find in your food. It’s worth checking them out! Please have a look at the infographic below and let me know if you tried any of them and what you think about them!

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