BlackBerry opens BBM video calls to Android and iOS users

I had a conversation about BBM with a friend recently. He still has some “secure” friends who are using BlackBerrys which is why he keeps BBM on his Android phone. I also still have BBM on my iPhone. But who is really using it? Mine has been silent for several years now. Who of you is still using BBM on BlackBerrys or other devices?


In an effort to remain competitive with rival messaging platforms, BlackBerry has decided to bring video calling to its cross platform BBM messaging apps.

Last week, it was unveiled that the Android variant of BlackBerry Messenger would be receiving the ability to make video calls as a beta feature. Now the company has announced that this feature will also be appearing on Apple’s iOS.

Video calls in BBM on Android and iOS will remain exclusive to North America and Canada until after July. Then video calling will exit its beta stage and become a fully fledged feature in BBM with global availability.

BlackBerry is no longer the powerful mobile handset developer it used to be in previous years. As a result the company has been experimenting with bringing its messaging…

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