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A Dozen Must-Have Medical Apps [Infographic]

There are lots of medical apps in the market for patients as well as doctors. Anyone who works in healthcare knows that there is a lot of medical information and knowledge out there and ... Read More

Best Meal Planning and Nutrition Apps [Infographic]

Just yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to lose some weight. We mostly eat out at night because we have long work days, don’t feel like cooking and then you kind of need to ... Read More

What apps to use for home design and furnishing [Infographic]

As many of you might know, I recently moved. So, I had to deal with a moving company, arranging furnitures and buying a lot of new furnitures. We had to measure our rooms and ... Read More

What you need to know before building an app [Infographic]

Have you ever had an idea for an app? I have one, and I wish I could just start and build it. But I am not an app developer. Also, I would need a ... Read More

WWDC 2017 – What’s new?

WWDC is over. Apple introduced more powerful hardware, talked about TVOS, watchOS, iOS11, a new file system, and HomePod, Apple’s smart speaker that should function as a speaker first but also is a home ... Read More

What to do with a broken Apple Watch?

My dear readers, I’ve been silent for a while. Work made me travel Europe – and even Australia – and I did not have much time to update you on the latest mobility news ... Read More

Apple Watch broken – how to live one week without it?

Many people are asking me about how I like my Apple Watch. I usually say “I like it”. They want to know what I do with it. I tell them, I use it for ... Read More

Best Wearables For Fitness and Health

I see more and more people wearing fitness tracker and smartwatches. We also got one for my dad for Christmas as he is cycling a lot and likes to know about his burned calories ... Read More

Bill Pay vs Prepay: Mobile Payment Options Compared [Infographic]

Today, I would like to talk about a slightly different topic. Instead of talking about hardware gadgets or software solutions, I would like to bring your attention to phone contracts and prepaid options. How ... Read More

How to unlock your MacBook with your Apple Watch

With MacOS 10.12 (MacOS Sierra), Apple advertised that it will be possible to unlock your MacBook with your Apple Watch. You also need iOS 10 and WatchOS 3. I couldn’t wait to try it ... Read More

How to unlock your iPhone 7 in winter with smartphone gloves?

For about a month, I’m an iPhone 7 owner. I was upgrading from my iPhone 5s and felt like it was time, even though I liked the smaller form factor of the iPhone 5s ... Read More

iPhone 7 does not work with old Apple headphones

UPDATE: Seems like Apple listened to me! 😉 The latest iOS update fixes the issue! Yippieh! Being a lucky owner of a new iPhone 7 in black, I was looking forward to using it ... Read More

Highlights from the Apple Event 2016

Have you been as excited as me to see the Apple Event and finally see the new iPhone 7? There have been many rumors before, most of them got confirmed but some things were ... Read More

Scalable App Management with Workspace ONE – from BYOD to strictly managed

I had the pleasure to go through a private demo of Workspace ONE with the mobility experts at VMware AirWatch. I must say, I was quite impressed by the idea and the benefits that ... Read More

Best Fitness Tracker and Smartwatches

Would you like to stay in shape or get in shape and are looking for the best fitness tracker on the market? There are several main brands on the market like FitBit, Jawbone, Garmin, ... Read More

How to market your iOS app right in the App Store – ASO in 7 steps [Infographic]

I talk a lot about app development and app management and collect resources that should help you to take the right steps when you develop an app. But what happens once the app is ... Read More

User- or Device-based Management, which approach is better?

Have you ever wondered what is better, managing devices or users? The known Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions either offer both options or specialize in one approach. What are the benefits of either method and how should ... Read More

Entrust Datacard – Trusted Identities and Mobile Authentication

At Citrix Synergy, I had the opportunity to talk to Patrick Tabourin, Director Strategic Alliances, at Entrust Datacard to learn more about trusted identities, secure authentication and authentication on mobile devices. Entrust Datacard specialises ... Read More

WWDC 2016 – My Highlights from Apple’s Keynote

The WWDC keynote is over and Tim Cook and his team presented all the news around WatchOS, macOS (new name), iOS and TVOS. I am really excited about the new WatchOS (3). It has ... Read More

ThinPrint Cloud Services – True cloud printing from any device to any printer

At Citrix Synergy 2016, I had the pleasure to talk to Christoph Hammer, President and CEO of ThinPrint Cloud Services. We talked about their offering, typical use cases and future plans. ThinPrint Cloud Services ... Read More