Bots may be cool, but DigitalGenius thinks it found a better way

A machine that learns from social interaction and a customer service that is half-bot, half-human – sounds like something that is worth trying.


Bots seem to be all the rage this week, thanks to the release of Facebook’s Messenger Bot program at F8, but not everyone sees bots as the way to keep up with the customer service glut. DigitalGenius, a former TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield finalist, thinks there’s a better way using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The company released an entirely new product this week called the Human+AI Customer Service Platform that links to popular customer service platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk and Oracle. The trouble with bots is they are limited by their programmed actions, says Mikhail Naumov, chief strategy officer at DigitalGenius.

“While chat bots are cool and are getting lots of attention today — they often break once the user asks for something that has not been pre-programmed into the bot. The DigitalGenius platform, however, combines the best of human and machine intelligence in a seamless customer service experience,” Naumov told…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Bots may be cool, but DigitalGenius thinks it found a better way


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