Box vs. Dropbox: Who will win the battle for the enterprise?

Are you considering using online file sharing services for your organization? The most popular ones are Box and Dropbox. Both included features for the enterprise. But how do they differentiate? You will find analysis results in the article below. In short, this is the summarized outcome:

“For really simpler sharing and sync scenarios (simpler but not less important), Dropbox will be suitable. But for more complex scenarios (such as those that require workflows), Box will be more suitable.”



Both Box and Dropbox are key players in the cloud-based file sharing and sync services marketplace, and at first glance they appear to be very similar.
In fact, comparing one directly to the other garners few differences. But differentiation is the name of the game in tech, so what does one offer over the other when it comes to strategy? And, can the two survive in the crowded market, or will one winner eventually emerge?
A ‘slightly different’ focus
From the surface, Box and Dropbox appear very similar, but in fact the focus for each of the companies has always been slightly different.
“Box was relatively more enterprise-focused as opposed to Dropbox, which was more consumer-focused, and this focus is what differentiates the two,” said Apoorv Durga, research director at Real Story Group. “Box has more advanced enterprise-ey features — such as better admin and security controls — whereas Dropbox appeals more to consumers because it’s easier and…
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