Brands falling short of mobile communication expectations

An interesting article about the necessity of omni-channels. Customers want to interact with brands via apps, especially via chat. They want to have customer support integrated with their already installed chat apps like Whatsapp, Viber etc. At Apps World in Germany, I met the company Forty Two who offer an API that allows brands to send messages directly to their customers’ phones, for example via Viber. They are a solution brands need to be able to be more interactive with their customers without them needing to install a new app. 


Brands aren’t doing enough to meet their customers’ expectations for mobile communication, according to a new survey.

The study, by web convergence company tyntec and technology research specialist Ovum, of 1000 people in the US and Germany finds that customers prefer to interact with customer service agents using different communication channels depending on where they are in the transaction process, and that they expect service providers to be effective using mobile.

New IP-based communication channels like OTT chat apps (over-the-top apps that bypass carrier charges for texting, WhatsApp for example) are identified as a significant untapped opportunity, with 50 per cent of survey respondents interested in communicating with service providers in this way.

“Brands that focus solely on developing their…

Read the entire article from ITProPortal here: Brands falling short of mobile communication expectations


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