By 2021, the average smartphone user will plow through 8.9 GB of data per month

I agree with this report. I remember how I started with an included data volume of 300MB. I had this until 2011. Then I upgraded to 2GB, then to 3GB in 2015. The more storage I had, the more data I used. Recently, my provider called me and said I was slightly over the limit and if I didn’t want to upgrade again. I need to add though, that I could not get a fast internet connection to my house until shortly and was living of SIM cards and hotspots. If you don’t have the pleasure of being in a wifi all day long, then your data limit is reached very quickly. Being in a Wifi now for most of the day, my mobile data usage went down. However, if we want to use streaming services like Spotify or Netflix on the go, we are forced to use mobile data. 

This is something I don’t quite understand yet. The big vendors like Apple, Netflix, Google, Spotify offer more and more streaming services (and also Apple Music is supposed to become a streaming-only service) but they don’t consider that there are not Wifis available everywhere we go. So, LTE and 5G networks need to be expanded and costs need to go down so that consumers can afford these services.

I also heard that in Australia, the Wifi is so bad that most users are on LTE and they also stream Netflix and YouTube on LTE. They are buying high data volumes, like 7GB, but accordingly, the contracts also come with a high cost. Let’s see whether the providers come to the point where they lower the costs, or let’s see how much pressure the vendors mentioned above can put on the providers so that all users can freely use their online-only services.


Thanks to the rapid expansion of LTE, smartphone users today are blowing through more data than ever before. From watching Netflix videos to streaming Spotify for hours on end, there are certainly no shortage of ways by which users can easily and quickly push the upper threshold of their monthly data caps.

Over the last five years, it’s been astounding to witness how smartphone usage habits have changed drastically, in large part due to advances in mobile communication technologies coupled with a wider selection of mobile-based services and applications. Looking ahead over the next five years, the demands we place upon our smartphones will likely continue to evolve in dramatic fashion.

According to the recently published Ericsson Mobility Report, the average smartphone user in 2021 is projected to churn through 8.9 GB of data every single month. In contrast, the average smartphone user today uses about 1.4 GB…

Read the entire article from BGR here: By 2021, the average smartphone user will plow through 8.9 GB of data per month


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