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BYOD market growth expected by 2020

Nice article about BYOD… Please also check out my post about our BYOD Panel discussion at Apps World Germany.


While some enterprises still implement infrastructures in which devices are company-owned, more and more companies are embracing BYOD policies. According to recent report by Hexa Research, these policies will continue to become more prevalent in the coming few years, due in large part to lower hardware costs that make implementing BYOD more cost-effective.

Hexa Research projects the BYOD market will also be strengthened by increasing smartphone diffusion around the globe. All verticals and global regions are forecasted to see gains in BYOD policy deployments.

One of the challenges that comes with implementing a BYOD infrastructure is developing the policies and equipment necessary to effectively manage these networks. Because security is a main concern, companies have had to learn best practices for managing company activities on privately owned devices.

Thankfully, as management solutions mature and become more accessible, these security concerns are starting to…

Read the entire article from MobileBusinessInsights here: BYOD market growth expected by 2020


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