Can a millennial survive a week without his iPhone?

I wonder that he didn’t learn more than realizing what was happening around him. What about finding his way without Google/Apple Maps, what about reading a book, what about having a conversation with a friend without the phone, what about better focus on something as nothing distracted him, what about a conversation around a question in a group without immediately looking it up on Google…? I could continue. Sometimes, it is really relaxing not to have the phone with one but if you expect a message or need to organize an appointment with friends, it can be stressful if you’ve forgotten your phone at home. Have you ever tried to leave the house without your phone?


You might think that millennials couldn’t possibly survive a full week with their precious smartphones — and you might be right. But it turns out that trying to go without your phone for a week might be beneficial for smartphone users of all ages, and could help them draw some interesting conclusions about the world around them, and their safety.

Writing for Business Insider, Jeremy Berke explained what it was like to stop using the iPhone for seven straight days.

“It was a big deal for me. I’m 23, and I’ve been attached to a cellphone since shortly after I started walking,” he said.

Berke immediately noticed the absence of his beloved smartphone on his commute to work and realized that many other people stare at the phone just as much as he did. “I never noticed that before because I was looking at my phone, too,” he said.

He said he felt like an alien on the subway, where…

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